Tap Water Watch recently unveiled a co-funding platform that enables schools to easily raise funding to acquire filtered water bottle filling stations.

By creating a co-fund campaign, schools can raise funding online through parents, community members, local businesses alongside Tap Water Watch’s corporate sponsors.

“We are excited to roll out the new platform to help schools raise funding to replace their old, often contaminated drinking fountains with new, filtered water bottle filling stations. Our goal is to help as many schools as possible gain access to filtered drinking water for their students.”

The new co-funding platform has already gained immense traction with schools. Schools throughout the country have already registered and completed their campaigns and received their new bottle filling stations.

Creating a campaign is quick, easy and free.

To learn more about co-funding a campaign and registering your school go to: https://www.tapwaterwatch.com/school-co-funding-campaign/

About Tap Water Watch: Tap Water Watch is the leading supplier of water testing, water fountain replacement and monitoring services to commercial and residential customers nationwide.

Tap Water Watch plays an active role in providing water bottle filling stations to schools through donations, co-funding and purchase.

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