Lead in Water Laboratory Test Kit

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You will receive a 250 ml sample bottle with simple instructions to fill up and mail back for analysis.

Please select the number of sample bottles that you would like included in your water test kit.

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50 reviews for Lead in Water Laboratory Test Kit

  1. Jeff Taylor

    Tap Water Watch helped our school obtain filtered drinking water stations. We are so appreciative.

  2. Jessica Andrews

    Tap Water Watch performed water testing for lead in our entire district’s schools and administration buildings. The process was quick and we got our results within the designated parameters set forth in the sampling plan they provided. They did a good job and I’d use them again.

  3. Thomas Flannigan

    Tap Water Watch recently donated new fountains and bottle filling stations to our school. We VERY much appreciate this kind gesture!!

  4. Jerry Ryan

    Tap Water Watch recently tested all of our water fixtures. Great service!

  5. Janet Meadows

    Tap Water Watch performed the lead in water testing for our school district. They came out and completed the entire job in one afternoon. The technicians were friendly and the overall process was easy. We will use them again next year and every year after that.

  6. Thomas Jenkins

    Tap Water Watch did the testing for all of our schools this summer. Great job!

  7. John Bastion

    TapWaterWatch helped our company perform water testing for lead and copper this weekend. I never realized the widespread problem of lead in drinking water until I did some research and saw recent news stories. I feel a lot better now knowing that if we do have a problem that it will be fixed and our water will be safe to drink.

  8. Martha DeLuca

    We just received our emailed results. Very thorough report and easy to digest. 5 Stars.

  9. Helen Barker

    Tap Water Watch recently tested our school’s drinking water and identified a few old fountains that needed to get replaced. They handled the whole process from start to finish. I can now say with 100% confidence that our water is LEAD-FREE! Our staff and parents of our students are all very grateful that we proactively tested and replaced these fixtures without being forced to by the government. I’m very glad we did. Thanks again for all of your help.

  10. John Monahan

    We just received our testing results for lead in water testing from Tap Water Watch. Our tests all came back under the EPA limit. Tap Water Watch broke down all of the results so they were easy to understand and for us to know how we should proceed in the future. I will use you again next time.

  11. Jerry Becker

    Tap Water Watch had a team come out today to test our school’s drinking water. They got the job done in record time. Look forward to getting our results. Thanks again.

  12. Monica Hansen

    We purchased a water testing kit from Tap Water Watch to test our home’s drinking water for lead. They performed all tasks as promised.

  13. Jane Barlowe

    Thanks for testing our water fixtures for lead and copper today. Your water sampler Emily was very professional and worked around a last minute change in schedule. Thanks again!

  14. Bill Barrett

    We were recently required to test for lead in the school’s water. At first, it seemed like another pointless regulation passed on a cash strapped school district. After we did the tests and got our results, we realized that there actually was some major improvements that needed to be made. Who knew!? Thanks for your help.

  15. Donna Weinberg

    Just received our test results from Tap Water Watch. Easy registration, water testing and fairly quick result turn around time to get our results. Also really appreciated the follow up after we got our results explaining which fixtures were high risk and the best way to fix the problems. Will use them again next year.

  16. Tom Sanders

    We hired TapWaterWatch this year to do all of our lead and copper testing and monitoring. The process has been much easier than trying to manage everything in house since we only are required to do it every 3 years. We will be using them again next time around.

  17. Tina Behrends

    Tap Water Watch reached out to us and let us know about a grant available through the state for discounted lead testing. We jumped on it. Thanks for the heads up!

  18. John Moriarty

    I was referred to Tap Water Watch by one of my colleagues. He told me that he had worked with Tap Water Watch and that they provide a top notch service. Boy, he was right. They were on-time, quick and efficient. We tested over 300 water sources and it only took us 1 day. I thought for sure that we would be working on it all weekend. I will be passing this information along to anyone who needs lead in water testing done. These guys are the best in the business.

  19. Monte Carlson

    We just got our test results from doing lead & copper testing in our schools. Tap Water Watch did an awesome job. They are very reliable, helpful and walked us through the entire process. I recommend using their service.

  20. Jessica Nordstrom

    TapWaterWatch helped us test all of the water fixtures that the children use in the school system. We are happy to announce that everything turned out ok! I’m really glad that we used this service because our schools were built in the 90s and we had never had our water tested for contamination.

  21. John Garrett

    Tap Water Watch just tested the district’s water fixtures for lead and copper. I recommend their service as it was quick, easy and everything as promised.

  22. Bonnie Peterson

    We just used TapWaterWatch to do all of the testing for our schools and daycares. They did a great job. I will definitely use them again next time.

  23. Valerie Bennington

    We’ve used Tap Water Watch the last 2 years to test our school’s drinking water fountains for lead. They do a great job and provide quick results!

  24. Benton Michaelson

    I just received our lead in water test results. By far the easiest way to test your school water. Thanks again!

  25. Tom Simon

    We just tested our elementary school’s water for lead. We were very pleased with Tap Water Watch and highly recommend their service!

  26. Tom Sanderson

    We used Tap Water Watch to test our district’s drinking water supplies this summer. They did a great job! Easy scheduling, on-time sampling, and a quick turn around time for results. They also helped us replace a few old bubblers with new filtered fountains. I will use them again in the future and recommend anyone else using them as well.

  27. Bill Richards

    If you’re going to test your water for lead Tap Water Watch is the way to go! We just tested all of our schools water for lead and it went very smoothly. Tap Water Watch is the leader in this industry for a reason.

  28. Jim Alderson

    I recently purchased our test kits through Tap Water Watch to analyze our schools drinking water. I must say that they did a great job and I will use them every year from here on out. If your school is in need of this service, look no further. Thanks

  29. Talia Morris

    Thanks Tap Water Watch for testing our water for lead!! Really appreciate the easy process and quick results.

  30. Terry Jacobson

    I read a news article this week and didn’t realize all of the health effects of having lead in your water. I wanted to get a lead test done to make sure that we are safe. I just received my test results and am very pleased with how easy it was to get done!

  31. Bernice Lansman

    I just received my lead in water test results from Tap Water Watch. I must say that they were higher than I anticipated when I ordered the water tests. Although I was a bit alarmed, Tap Water Watch was calm and helped me understand the results, identify the potential causes and gave me an overview of solutions to fix the problem. These guys not only know what they’re doing, they clearly care about the making a difference and their customers. I really, really appreciate all of your help. Two big thumbs up!

  32. Samantha Meyers

    With everything in the news about water testing in schools I decided it was time to hire a contractor and have it done correctly. I contacted a few laboratories and then Tap Water Watch. We decided to go with Tap Water Watch because they handled everything from start to finish. Tap Water Watch walked me through the process and made it really easy to understand and were polite, on time and produced great results. I am happy to recommend this company to anyone considering water testing.

  33. Jarod Anderson

    Very Impressed with the expediency of service and results. Thanks Tap Water Watch! I will recommend this service to anyone in my community concerned with recent lead results in the news.

  34. Jeff Chase

    Quick shipping, professional report and results as promised. Very satisfied with this lead in water testing service. I recommend it for all.

  35. Sue Tomlinson


  36. Dorris Cruz

    Thank you for testing my sinks!! With everything in the news about lead in the water I’m so happy to know that my water is safe to drink. What a relief!!!!!

  37. Dorothy Sambles

    Just got my results from Tap Water Watch over email. What a relief! My home was built in the 80s and I was concerned that there may be lead in my home’s plumbing. I was a little nervous to test my water but knew that it was the right thing to do. Sure glad I did.

  38. Sharon Musgraves

    I just tested my water and it was as advertised an easy process! I just ordered a kit. When it arrived I filled the bottle up with my tap water and then mailed it back in.

  39. Joni Beams

    This was such a good find! I’ve been trying to test my preschool for months. Cant wait to see my test results.

  40. Israel Rabin

    Fast. Easy. No Hassle. I recommend this service.

  41. Bruce Jefferson

    We just tested our preschool’s water fountains for lead. Thankfully, they all came back under the limit. Great service!!

  42. Vanessa Moses

    I got an email from Tap Water Watch about a special they were offering for testing my home daycare. To be safe, I ordered 2 testing kits and tested both of my sinks that we use for kids. It was a really process and am so glad that I did it!

  43. Jenna Pierson

    Very affordable and Easy!

  44. Helen Bauermeister

    I’ve tried using water testing strips that didn’t work and sent me online looking for a real laboratory test. I was happy to find out how easy it is to order a water testing kit through Tap Water Watch. Thanks again.

  45. Jennifer Reese

    Thank you for testing my home’s water!! So much easier than dealing with a lab!

  46. Brian Hendricks

    Easy process. Quick turnaround time. 5 stars!!!

  47. Savannah Simmons

    I found a list of water testing laboratories online but it turns out that none of them would do a home water test. They only work with businesses that do bulk orders. Was happy to find Tap Water Watch and just ordered my water test.

  48. Tonya Jepson

    Just sent in 3 water samples for my home and already got my results. Thanks TapWaterWatch! Highly recommend this service.

  49. Peggy Chapman

    I searched online for lead testing services and came across Tap Water Watch. They sent me a water testing kit the next day and I received the results very quick over email! I’ve recommended this service to my sister and my son’s school for water testing.

  50. Sarah Taylor

    The school district recently tested all of the sinks and faucets. Fortunately, they all came back under the EPA limit and we are so relieved to have tested and know for sure. I’ve been thanked personally by several parents. I’d recommend testing and Tap Water Watch did a great job!

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