Schools throughout the country are beginning to test their drinking water for lead. Before testing, most of these schools assume their drinking water is perfectly fine but their test results are show a far different picture.

As a school, it is VITAL to be 100% confident in the quality of the drinking water you’re serving to the students. The ONLY way to know that your drinking water is lead-free is to have it tested by a certified laboratory.

Today, an article out of San Diego outlined how a School District with a lead plumbing problem chose to invest available funding into new turf for their football field over addressing lead plumbing that is leaching lead into the school drinking water

Is this insane to anyone else other than me?

According to, the fundamental needs of humans consist of food, water and shelter. Did they forget to mention football field turf????

Assuming not, why would the San Diego USD decide to put clean drinking water on the backburner in favor of new football field turf?

The only possibly answer is that they do not believe that lead in water is a real threat to their student’s health or they simply do not care.

Let’s revisit the facts:

Lead exposure in children leads to:

  • LOW IQ

Children with elevated lead blood levels experience:

  • Lower Test Scores
  • Increased Likelihood of Learning Disabilities
  • Increased odds of failing a grade
  • Significantly lower academic performance

Would it bother you if your school district chose football turf over protecting your children from these health/learning problems?

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