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Created by: Joe Steele, Superintendent

St Regis Schools is looking to put in a water bottle filling station in our weight/exercise room so students do not have to leave the room to fill their bottles. Staying hydrated is important when working out and having a station available will allow students to maximize their work out. The room is also available to the community in the evenings as part of our adult education program. Currently, because the school has to restrict access to other parts of the building during adult education, patrons do not have access to a drinking fountain or a water bottle filling station. Installing a system would provide them that access while keeping the rest of the school secure.

The picture of our weight room shows where the station would go. There is piping behind the silver panels can be easily connected to a water station. The piping used to connect to a hydrant that was removed during renovation. A stand alone station would be perfect for this area.

The district is in a high poverty area with 100% of students on free and reduced lunch through the Community Eligibility Program, which uses the county’s poverty rate as its basis for participation. Being in a rural, high poverty area impacts the district’s budget as well, so finding the funds to put in these filling stations requires taking away from programs or doing without supplies. The district has fundraised to put in two other stations within the building as part of our recycling efforts. Getting the funds for this last station would help the district immensely.

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