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Created by: Lorie Winslow, Principal

Osage County R-2 School District is a rural school located in Mid-Missouri.  Having water bottle filling stations would have a huge impact on our students and staff.  We have over 600 students in our school district, and our current fountains do not filter the drinking water nor are students able to fill water bottles easily.  We would love to support out students’ habit of drinking water throughout the school day, thus supporting their health and ability to learn. As teachers and administrators, we feel our students would be more likely to drink water during the school day if they had the option of filtered drinking water.  Using refillable bottles, rather than increasing plastic waste, also aligns to our values of environment stewardship.

We are seeking the opportunity to install 4 water bottle filling stations in our school district.  We have a PreK-5 building and a 6-12 grade building, and we would like to put a filter in each cafeteria and one in each gym area.  This would make water accessible in the areas of our district where filtered water would be used most often.

The numerous health benefits of regular water consumption include:  

  • replenishes fluids lost through exercise

  • balanced electrolyte levels

  • proper digestion

  • helps avoid overeating and choosing sugary drink

Your assistance and partnership in helping with this initiative is greatly appreciated.  Every donation, regardless of size, will bring us closer to making these stations a reality for our school.  Please share this campaign with your family and friends. We want our students to be healthy, empowered Wildcats, ready to learn each and every day!

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