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Created by: Anne-Marie Malcolm, Principal

Currently Madiba Prep Middle school is located on the second and third floor. There is only one water fountain located on the first floor in the cafeteria which is shared between schools. Many students who have asthma, diabetes, other ailments or just struggling throughout the hot summer months must walk the entire building to get a drink of water. Additionally, we have a high population of students in need whose parents are  unable to provide bottle water on a daily basis. Providing access to drinking water gives our students a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages. Please help us provide access to two additional water bottles refilling filtration systems by contributing and/or sharing to our Wellness and Health Donation Campaign. What are the benefits of drinking water:

  1. Increases healthy weight and provides energy throughout the day
  2. Promotes healthy weight management
  3. Balance electrolyte levels
  4. Replenishes fluids lost through exercise during physical education
  5. Improves cognitive function in children and adolescents




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